Alexandroupolis, a gem hidden in northern Greece

It’s not that often that you read about the beauties of northern Greece. I, for sure hadn’t read much about them. However, Greece had always had a special place in my heart. Its incomparable beauty, its genuine people and its unique tastes, had won me over from my first visit, back in the 90s. From then on, I was a regular. I had explored much of its hidden gems.

So, after many summers spent in Greece and at Grecotel, it was about time I explored mainland Greece in the wintertime. And of course, I chose the best host, Grecotel and its luxury city hotel Grecotel Astir Alexandroupolis.

In the scenic city of Alexandroupolis, a city often referred to as the “key” to Greece’s route to the east, Astir Egnatia Luxury Hotel stands out as the ideal address for the discerning visitor, situated at an ideal waterfront location for all those wishing to explore the city, like myself.

I was truly impressed by the Alexandroupoli’s rich history, revealed to me through some of its most notable landmarks like the church of St. Eleftherios, the neo-classical building of the Education Academy, the two ruined mosques, the market and the lighthouse (Alexandroupolis’ landmark).

However, the most awe-inspiring part of my trip, had to be the area’s lovely nature, largely unknown to tourists, unfortunately…Thankfully, I was lucky enough to explore it! First, I got the chance to uncover the beauty of Evros’s River Delta, a captivating landscape, where sea, embraced with the land, forms islets, lakes, salt marshes and lagoons and a protected area offering habitats to migratory and resident birds. After a fascinating visit to the Delta, I was off to Dadia Forest an area with a wide diversity of landscape, flora & fauna varying from pine and oak forests, valleys, fields, open plains, while 219 species of birds, 40 species of reptiles and 36 species of mammals have been recorded in the protected region.

What a pleasant surprise it was to uncover these two hidden natural gems! And of course, I couldn’t have done it without the insight from the staff at Grecotel, who not only offered me the best of accommodation, true to Grecotel standards but were also the best guide to my first discovery of northern Greece. From the welcome drink in the elegant lobby offering unique views of the Thracian Sea to the rooms uniquely styled in warm earthy tones and the impressive dining options.

These were four days of luxury, elegance and natural beauty with the best host of all, Grecotel!