Breakfast in the city: your morning treat in the heart of Athens

Rise and shine as the sun rises on Athens, revealing its vibrant energy and diverse culture merging together to create a buzzing city. Before exploring the exciting streets and sightseeing locations of the Greek capital, indulge in Grecotel Pallas Athena’s delicious breakfast and feel inspired by the local flavours of specialty dishes that promise to awaken your senses and provide you the energy to start your day in the best mood.

Breakfast is served in a glamorous urban setting combined with an elegant and relaxed atmosphere where you can take the time to taste every bite and, of course, several pieces of art, all parts of Grecotel Pallas Athena’s permanent art collection – providing a creative and friendly ambiance. The buffet style presentation offers a large variety of continental and local food from selected cured meats, exquisite cheese plateaus and freshly baked croissants and pains au chocolat. Health foodies are treated to fresh and seasonal fruits as well as tasty omelets and appetizing Greek salads. You are spoilt for choice with savoury and sweet option, available in abundance in the buffet, which is sure to satisfy the gourmet in you.

The Cretan Corner is a necessary stop for anyone who wishes to discover the aromas and scents of the Cretan cuisine. Relish in the pure and unique flavours of traditional dishes, cooked with the freshest ingredients sourced locally and produced by Greek artisans.

Among the must-tries is definitely dakos, a dish consisting of tomatoes cut in small pieces and Cretan myzithra (creamy cheese) on top of a crispy rusk soaked in generous amount of olive oil; and warm, handmade myzithropitakia (pies filled with myzithra cheese) that are true feast of flavours and stand among guests’ favourites – especially if you drizzle some exquisite amber-coloured Cretan honey on top! Combine those with the breakfast beverage of your choice and you ‘re all ready to set to discover the hidden beauties of the Greek capital!