Casa Marron: familiar, yet brand new

It’s been a dear family destination for travelers all over Europe – maybe this is where you, or your kids, learned how to swim.
Yet, it is brand new.
Casa Marron at Lakopetra beach is the beloved Grecotel resort reinvented last year to create an unforgettable experience, elevating beach family holidays to a boho chic lifestyle escapade that will make your best family memories for years to come!

Familiar landscape, brand new resort
At the gently sloping Lakopetra in the northern Peloponnese, next to the all time favorite blue flag awarded beach that has granted hours of fun to all for decades, new cool pools, delightful restaurants, impressive landscaping and fun, safe waterslides, make the familiar feel brand new again.

Familiar comfort, brand new luxury
Casa Marron’s new rooms and bungalows are an oasis of coolness, with their crisp whites, translucent blues and organic materials decor. Designed to provide a relaxed, comfortably luxurious environment, they are the epitome of boho chic, making  guests of all ages feel right at home!

Familiar service, brand new restaurants
The Grecotel service needs no introduction, but is ready to introduce the Casa Marron guests to a world of gastronomical pleasures. Two new a la carte restaurants, a new bar and innovative services such as the Yoga and Breakfast programme, complement the old favorites to provide endless choices for healthy or indulgent snacks, lavish meals and all around amazing culinary experiences that will leave you wanting for nothing!