A day in Thessaloniki: let history unravel before your eyes!

Even if you dream only of a ten day resort holiday at the emerald beaches of Halkidiki in northern Greece, Thessaloniki will definitely be worth a day trip – and will probably make you reconsider your plans!
A vibrant metropolis steeped in history, it is a paradise for architecture, culture, shopping, gastronomy and history buffs alike. So trade your bathing suit for some comfy city attire and let’s do some time traveling in the enchanting greek capital of the north:

Ancient Thessaloniki:
The Ancient and Roman agora was the heart of ancient Thessaloniki, from the 3rd century BC, until the 5th century AD. The site includes a small Roman theater, and a Roman history museum, while to its southeast, the Rotunda area boasts monuments to roman Galerius’ time in the city.

Byzantine Thessaloniki:
Byzantine churches abound in the beautiful city as do other byzantine sites. Take a walk around the Ano Poli area to explore its many churches, byzantine baths and castle at the Heptapyrgion.

Ottoman Thessaloniki:
Turkish baths, mosques and markets are scattered all around the city, but even if you are not interested in that period, the city’s landmark, the White Tower, once a place of executions and part of the city’s fortification, will definitely draw your attention with its commanding views of Thessaloniki’s coastal promenade.

20th century Thessaloniki:
From Art Deco buildings (such as the Modiano Market) to the Jewish Quarter, to monuments of the city’s industrial past (such as Mylos), Thessaloniki’s landscape is forever marked by its 20th century history, with buildings and sites at every corner.