When glamour meets simplicity: Mykonos’ best-of experiences

Opposites attract in the iconic island of Mykonos. The cosmopolitan Greek destination, which has seen many celebrities and jet-setters walk upon its soil, combines a long and important history, dating back to 3000 years B.C, with a luxurious lifestyle. Glamorous parties and endless entertainment in the infinite sunshine take place next to a picturesque landscape that has retained its peculiar character. It’s true: Mykonos is the ideal destination for memorable holidays in Greece – whether you wish to explore its rich heritage or luxuriate in its vibrant jet-set life.

A must-do when visiting the island is simply taking a walk alongside the small cobbled streets of its town (called Hòra), famously lined with sparkling white traditional houses and their blue wooden doors. At first, your exploration might take you to Matoyánni Street where high-fashion reigns supreme and shops windows display all the latest stylish outfits and accessories. And then, it’s time for the magic to happen – lose yourself on the endless alleys, discover the beauty hidden in the quaint little churches found, take some extra time to observe the cats lazily resting in the sunlight.

The picture-perfect postcard of the famous Little Venice, also located in Mykonos Town, is an experience that you should definitely not miss – especially if you are there at around sunset time, it would be the ideal closure for a summer day. Have a tasteful cocktail at the vibrant cafes and bars while enjoying sunset; savour a gourmet meal in one of the stylish restaurants hosted in the 18th-century pastels coloured seaside houses. And feel free to enjoy the scenic views of the Aegean Sea, along with the traditional windmills on the hillside above, painting a dreamlike scene.

But if there is one thing that would describe the quintessence of holiday experience in Mykonos, it couldn’t be anything else but the impeccable beauty of its sandy beaches – with Psarou beach, where Grecotel Mykonos Blu is located, being at the top of the magic experience. Adopt the laid-back attitude and let the rhythm slow down under the warm sunlight. As the twilight is setting in, Mykonos beaches shift in an endless night of parties and transform into the brightening lights of clubs, bars and spontaneous events.

Vibrant and yet preserved, picturesque but cosmopolitan, glamorous and authentic, Mykonos is a surprising and unique destination, inviting you to fall in love with its many facets.