Highlighting Kalamata: a destination full of surprises

Until recently a sleepy, small fishing town, Kalamata has now become an increasingly popular holiday destination at the Gulf of Messinia. The historic sites, vibrant culture, excellent local cuisine and beautiful beaches, all blend together to provide you with an unforgettable holiday experience.

Start your perfect day in Kalamata with a stroll through the old city to embrace the heart and soul of the destination.

With the 13th-century Frankish castle (kastro) looming over Kalamata, the old city is just as vibrant as its modern counterpart, with the historic March 23rd Square being the hub of all activity. As you wander around the narrow cobbled streets with the old buildings, fine churches and shops, make a stop by the markets with their rich colors and flavors, and nibble on the delicious Kalamata olives and other locally produced goods, for which the city is famous for.

If you want to quench your thirst for knowledge, Kalamata isn’t short of museums and other sites for you to explore:

the Archaeological Museum invites you to travel back through history and uncover the artifacts that time has left behind, while the museums of History & Folklore and Military, will shed light on the different journeys of the city.

And after all the sightseeing it might be time to cool down at Kalamata’s seaside, where you can relax and swim in crystal clear, turquoise waters, which have all been awarded with the Blue Flag. Nearby you will find tavernas and ouzo cafe, and indulge in authentic dishes and snacks, called mezedes, traditionally served with the national aperitif of ouzo. The seafront is also the place to be during the night, with dozens of cafes, clubs and bars ready for you to explore!