Larissa: the city of hidden treasures

Sometimes the smallest places hold the biggest surprises – this saying is certainly very true for Larissa: Surrounded by beautiful nature with imposing mountains (e.g. Mount Olympus, throne of the ancient god Zeus!) and lush valleys, Larissa is the vivid capital of Thessaly, where ancient history and long tradition in agriculture meet the modern way of living. The university and student life also contribute their share into making Larissa a welcoming and multicultural city that captures its visitors with its charm.

The heart of the modern and ancient Larissa beats in the city center:

In its pedestrian zones and bustling squares, apart from restaurants, bars and cafes, you will also find truly precious treasures of the city, all easily accessible in walking distance. You could start your sightseeing walk by paying a tribute to the monument of Bucephalus, which is not only a homage to the Thessaly horse of ancient times, but also Larissa’s emblem.

Then, pass by the Saint Achilles Basilica whose ruins were identified as the temple that was dedicated to the city’s patron and first bishop, Saint Achilles.

You will then be led towards Larissa’s Ancient Ruins and the Bezesteni, an Ottoman treasure of the city, which used to be a covered textiles market during the Ottoman Empire, and to the Ancient Theatre of Larissa. If you are a real history buff, you should continue your walk to explore the Diachronic Museum and the Folklore Museum of the city.

Don’t forget to also indulge yourself into the modern side of Larissa: Enjoy your coffee at the lively squares, taste the local drink ‘tsipouro’ along with the delicious specialties of the Thessaly region in the restaurants and traditional taverns, and delve into the city’s vivid cultural scene with its numerous events.