Meteora: a spiritual experience for all

As if suspended in mid air, the famous monasteries in Meteora, hanging above the lush valley, command awe. A UNESCO heritage site, Meteora, literally meaning “suspended”, is a cluster of monasteries and convents built in the vertical rocks at the edge of the Kalambaka valley. Of the total 20, only six are still functioning today, housing Christian Orthodox monks and nuns that are hospitable and welcoming to all travellers that cross their thresholds.

But it is not only Christians that will have a spiritual experience here: irrespective of your faith, as you approach Meteora, you will know right away why the first hermits moved here, and why monasticism flourished on top of these rocks since 11th century A.D.: the rocks, rising through the valley, bare and smooth; the vegetation below, evergreen, fragrant; the austere structures, perched in gravity defying positions; the clear skies, bright stars, dramatic sunrises; all make up for a spiritual experience like no other – all, a stone throw’s away from Larissa or Thessaloniki, a day trip from Athens.

Things to do at Meteora:


  • Visit the monasteries of the second holiest place in Greece after Agion Oros, and marvel at Christian artefacts, some as old as the 10th century A.D.
  • Challenge yourself in the vertical rock climbing routes of the area.
  • Hike the ancient trails, visit the original hermits’ caves and discover the amazing greek nature.
  • Visit a traditional greek village at the nearby Kastraki, and experience life as it once was at these parts of the world. Make sure to plan some time to enjoy a meal with local delicacies!