Packing for business: dos and don’ts

All savvy travellers know it well: no matter how delightful trips are, the packing process is more of a necessary evil rather than an exciting process – especially when this needs to be done for business and not for pleasure.

Although bold, the above statement is something that all business travelers will agree to. At Grecotel, our bleisure offering (you know that blurry line between business and leisure trips) has brought us towards the challenge of mastering another art, too: the one of cleverly managing all the business-related hospitality issues, in favour of hassle-free trips.

So, here are some Dos and Don’ts that ensure a stress-free business trip to Greece!

  1. Pack heavier items on the bottom (e.g. shoes) and lighter ones on top (e.g. polos, trousers etc) of your luggage. However, your wash bag should always be the last item to pack.
  2. Remember that to prevent shirts from getting wrinkled, fold them carefully and place a belt in the collar to keep their shape intact.
  3. Store your ties (or socks) in your shoes – doing this will help you avoid forgetting them home, plus it will save you time.
  4. Pack your suit, jacket or blazer by turning them inside out and folding them in the same manner as a shirt – so as to prevent wrinkling and maintain their shape.
  5. Take a pair of sneakers and a casual outfit with you – you might have the time for an excursion break.
  6. Try not to forget chargers along with an adaptor (especially if you are coming from UK, Cyprus etc)
  7. Remember to bring your sunglasses – you are travelling to Greece after all!

And, last but not least – avoid checking-in your luggage if possible; This shall save you time for some extra moments of relaxation in Greece!