A romantic summer evening in Rhodes

Romance abounds in beautiful Greece with its breathtaking landscapes, medieval castles, captivating sunsets and unique hospitality, creating the ideal setting for an unforgettable holiday brimming with love. Among Greece’s many romantic destinations, the amazing Greek islands couldn’t be missing from the list of the most romantic places – especially when it comes to those that are iconic, such as Santorini, Corfu and Rhodes. Yes, each one of them will host your romantic holidays in a truly brilliant way. But if you wish to have an experience against a backdrop that will make your heart sing, then Rhodes is definitely the place to go: can you imagine a better backdrop than its medieval Old Town, also designated as a World Heritage City by UNESCO?

Being one the best preserved and most stunning medieval towns in the world, the old Town of Rhodes will transport you to the past and dazzle you with its unique character.

Stroll leisurely with your significant other through its cobblestone streets and alleys, let yourself be enchanted by the imposing atmosphere and spend magical moments inside the fortifications when the aura of the Dodecanese city is, even more, mystic and romantic under the August moonlight.

As tangerine hues slowly fade in the horizon behind the picturesque St. Nicholas Fort, step in through the imposing Eleftheria gate guarding the 4km long ramparts. Stunning vestiges of the past such as the Panagia tou Kastrou and the Temple of Aphrodite are bathed in a dim golden light, which add a magical and surreal dimension. Wander through the medieval Street of the Knights (Ippoton Street), cuddled up against your loved one and gaze at the sublime blend of French, Venetian and Ottoman architecture. At the end of the road, the Palace of the Grand Masters is waiting to mesmerize you as it sits like a crown on the head of the Old Town. After your short walk, enjoy a candle-lit dinner in the charming terraces of the town’s restaurants, where you will savour local specialties and perhaps share one of the delicious desserts. And then, stride away from the buzzing streets and take a relaxing walk under the picturesque arcades and arches of tiny streets.

But, be warned: under the brilliant summer full moon, against a backdrop of marble fountains gracing the centre of squares and ancient churches shining bright in the twilight, you may find yourself wondering if you have stepped into a fairy-tale, one destined to disperse with your next move. Worry not: the old city of Rhodes is very much real, and is waiting for you to live your romantic fairytale in it!