Three must-see museums in Herakleion

Herakleion, the vibrant capital of Crete, is like all modern-day cities, packed with endless possibilities. It is not only famous for its entertainment and its multi-faceted cultural life but is also a rewarding place for history lovers, hosting some extraordinary must-see museums.

  1. Archaeological Museum: Together with the ruins of the Knossos Palace, the Archaeological Museum is one of the most significant museums in Europe. After a long period of renovation, it is now home to exhibits which date back to 5.500 years, from Neolithic to Roman times, as well as to remains of the great Minoan civilization, including the famous ring of Minos. Give yourself a couple of hours to admire the unique collection of over 10.000 artifacts. A visit here will surely enhance your understanding of Crete’s rich history – don’t miss it!
  2. Historical Museum of Crete: If you are a history buff, then this is the place to visit! The cultural and political history of Crete unfolds throughout the centuries, starting from the early Byzantine period until the present day. The museum pays great attention to the Cretans’ free spirit and their struggle for independence. Enjoy a delightful interactive walk through Cretan history, which will allow you to gain a greater understanding of the cultural background of the island.
  3. The Natural History Museum of Crete: The Natural History Museum is the perfect destination for explorers of all ages, host to both entertaining and educational exhibits. An awarded museum which focuses on the study, protection, and promotion of the Eastern Mediterranean’s flora and fauna but also hosts fascinating temporary exhibitions during the summer months. There are many things to touch and to experience, like the impressive earthquake simulator, the “Living Museum” with living animals or the “Erevnotopos”, an area where you can discover fossils in the sand.