Wine harvesting in Crete: an experience to remember

The island of Crete is a magical place which simply has it all: wonderful beaches, impressive mountainous landscape, bustling cities and idyllic villages, ancient treasures and centuries-old traditions, as well as fantastic cuisine. But also, as a wine lover, you will be simply floating on cloud nine, as the Cretan wine culture comprises knowledge, experience and passion of more than 4000 years!

Cretan wine has become very popular worldwide due to its outstanding quality and has been showered with prizes in international competitions.

An unforgettable way to learn everything about the famous Cretan wine is to mingle with the locals and join the wine harvesting on the island. The art of Cretan winemaking is a tradition which has been passed down from generation to generation. Strong family traditions are the reason why winemaking could survive for thousands of years and reach almost perfection.

During the whole year, the vines require continuous supervision and work and, when the summer comes finally to an end, the harvesting of the grapes is celebrated by the farmer families, their relatives and friends who then gather early in the morning to collect and carry the grapes. When all grapes have been harvested, they are pressed either by machines or, more traditionally, by stamping with the feet. Blessed with the eternal sunshine of Crete, the grape juice contains a lot of sugars which leads to high-degree wines of superb quality.

The wine harvesting has a festive character and the air is filled with joy and gratefulness for the harvest.

The farmers exchange local stories of the area, laughter is in the air, you enjoy a glass or more of local wines and taste delicious wine-based specialties – sometimes even hands-on cooking classes are offered at the wineries. Wine harvesting in Crete is certainly an experience to remember!